Glitchy: Angela, repaired When Marvel

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Angela, repaired

When Marvel announced they were adding Angela to their roster and posted the promotion image, I was amazed at how both silly and bland they managed to make it.  That, my friends, takes talent, and not the good kind.

So, here’s my attempt at fixing it. (original on left for comparison)

She’s now got a full breastplate and chainmail which is more fitting a soldier of heaven.  I had hoped to make the breasts less defined but I couldn’t get the contours and shading to look right, so I eventually gave up and left it as is with the new armor built around it.

I brought back the facepaint because for some reason I liked it. I also brought back the semi-impractical-yet-potentially-artistically-dynamic loincloth because it was potentially-artistically-dynamic and it added a splash of color. I made the shoulderguard bigger because I felt it needed it, but tried not to make it 90’s big. 

Hope you like it.

I like the design and how you did the colors, including making the facepaint more visible. :)