pkthunda-art: Aauuugghhh my hand D: Uhm-


Aauuugghhh my hand D:

Uhm- redraw from an Eschergirl’s post.
Played up on the Demon(?) lady’s bark/stone/scale-like growths into a sort of natural armor, thus meaning she’d need less manufactured cover. I was far too lazy to draw a proper chain.
The second girl; I had no idea she was a cat girl until I zoomed waaaaay in. Her ears are painted super dark and the tail a sort of passing thought to the original artist.
Played up on cat light features and reflexes, turning what ever it is that the original is carrying into a spear while giving her leather armor of a reasonable style.

Dynamic poses, opposition hinted at due to the colour scheme (dark/light, red/blue, hot/cold etc.), and facial expressions implying more than feigned interest and passing curiosity.

My hands hurt, dear gods. ow ow. ow.

Another redraw of the Alvegia Online “butt high five” picture. :)  I think a lot of promotional material would be more interesting and probably more effective if the female characters were put in contexts that weren’t just primarily about posing them sexily.

Edit: skeletyson in the notes has an excellent name for the original poses that is just awesome:

Can we all agree that the perfect name for this pose is a Thigh Five?

Yes, yes we can.