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(And… not unrelated to the commentary in the previous post.)

Rarely has a comics page symbolized everything I dislike about comic art so succinctly as this one, spotlighting two upcoming covers, from the X-men: Curse of the Mutants Spotlight.

Here we have two characters. One male, standing straight and facing the camera confidently, in full costume, clothed from head to toe.

The alternate cover is of a female figure, in this case, Pixie. A character, lest we forget, who is a minor. (15 years old, according to the character’s creators and Skottie Young when he drew her in New X-men.) Of course, in case we forget this detail, the artist has helpfully included hints, like a freaking teddy bear at the girl’s feet and her hair done up into pigtails.

She’s dressed in stockings, tiny shorts and is leaning over in a top that clearly displays she’s not wearing a bra, getting as close to a topless shot as the artist obviously felt they could get away with while still supposedly being clothed - ridiculously exposed. She’s got her fingers to her lips in a conspiratorial ‘don’t tell anyone’ pose - a typical cheesecake look that just seems all the more uncomfortable from a sexualized minor.

In short, this is really fucking gross.

Good analysis about how she’s being specifically dressed and posed for sexual titillation in contrast to Gambit, and how her age and youth is being used as part of this (with the teddy bear, etc).  (For those that aren’t familiar with Pixie, she normally looks like this.)

Edit: The post (and series in question) is 2 years old, and it appears the cover concepts never made it to print.