akago: This book by Christopher Hart

This book by Christopher Hart named “Drawing Cutting Edge Comics” is just a shining gem of an example for everything that is wrong with how the comic industry portrays women. Everything actually talking about how to draw women can pretty much be boiled down into ‘draw them as sexy as possible’ and it even has a separate section specifically about how you should make them as attractive as possible. I uploaded that section for everyone to see.

Also, I just have to include one more page for one main thing.

Just… the way the high heels comment is worded. It’s not ‘if she’s wearing high heels’. It’s very suggestive that ‘all women must wear high heels in comics!’.

I like how he says “can draw” rather than “chooses to draw”, as if even the ones who don’t, wish they could, and are trying to.

Also, I’m amused that turning a “regular woman” into a “seductress” is just letting her hair down and pulling the top down a little, but her starting point is already the heavy made up eyes, lipstick and crop top.

I’m not sure how this is “cutting edge”, plus the result seems to be that everybody looks exactly the same.

(The art is by the late Al Rio, since Christopher Hart doesn’t do a lot of the art in his books.)