kibbskins: So I found this picture on

So I found this picture on The Second 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings and its just so so bad. To start her thigh is bigger than her waist and her head looks like someone popped it off and stuck it back on the wrong way. And she has these creepy dead eyes and weird mouth that don’t communicate the surprise I think she is supposed to be feeling. Also why the hell is she wearing underwear in the shower?!!? And why are there random bubbles floating around in the shower? Just oh god so bad. This is from the comic RE:Gex

The underwear in the shower confuses me because of how it seems okay for women’s butts’ to be essentially naked if they’re wearing bikini armor, so it’s weird that it’s a problem for the comic if you could see her butt in the shower.

(I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with a woman’s thigh being bigger than their waist, though.)