loish: and now for something totally


and now for something totally different! i follow escher girls, a blog that critiques the way women are portrayed in comics and other pop media. the blog includes a lot of re-draws of existing artwork which attempt to correct bizarre or unrealistic poses. i’ve always wanted to do one, not so much to correct the anatomy (i personally don’t have that many qualms with distorted or unrealistic anatomy) or create a better character design (my knowedge of anatomy/comics isn’t really extensive enough for that!) but more to explore how i would approach the same illustration in my own style. so i took this image and re-made it into a loish-style sketch (also i stole the bg from the original pic!) i wanted to keep the character design and overall feeling of the original drawing intact. however, i tried to give the character more realistic proportions/pose and make the clothing less like bodypaint. it was really fun to explore this style, definitely a good learning experience!

Really nice. :)  I immediately knew which pic you had chosen without having to click the link, and you did a great job keeping the character design while doing your alterations.