emaretto: I think Joe Keatinge (writer),

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I think Joe Keatinge (writer), Sophie Campbell (interior artist), and Ricken (this cover) deserve a HUGE shout out for kind of doing stuff right.

That’s a skintight bodysuit on a girl with big boobs. Guess what—no boob socks OR cameltoe!!! 

And if you’re wondering, that middle chick is Glory. What a frikkin BEAST. She literally punches through a tank in the first issue, and boy does she look it. No surprises there. Keep in mind that Glory used to be this piece of work (and I mean that in the best way possible, really, yeah):

Sophie and Keatinge have gotten like, absolutely no flack for the new direction, either.

So for any artist scrolling through here scratching their heads thinking “okay so now I know how NOT to do it, how do I???” here’s a really good example to follow. Actually design the character without caring about sexy (unless that is a vital part of the character). And don’t be afraid of females looking “manly,” because so often these days we associate strength and muscle with males.

I get submissions almost weekly about Sophie Campbell’s Glory.  Because I’ve posted about it several times in the past, I don’t want to keep posting each one because it’d just end up being Sophie Campbell’s Glory all the time, but this is a good picture (and also has some examples of old Glory), so I’ll post this one for people who haven’t heard of the reboot and might be interested in checking it out. :)