Okay!  So here are my favourites of the

Okay!  So here are my favourites of the last caption contest :)  I always love how creative people are in these.

Also, because people kept bringing it up, I’ll link to Ross Campbell’s Glory reboot (which is awesome in terms of being the opposite of the old Glory in terms of art and presentation) which I’ve linked to before but it’s been a while and new readers might want to know about it. :)

Jenny Creed answered: It was at that precise moment, when Gloriana held the snowman’s cold semen in her hand, that she decided porn was not the career for her.

Katherine Dent answered: “Ever get that feeling like you’ve left your house and forgotten to do something important?”

Glitchy answered: Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul

With his Real Doll™ girl and his carrot nose and two eyes made out of coal…

There must have been some magic in that red hat they found,
‘Cos when they placed it on her head she began to twist around!

Thumpety thump thump thump,
thumpety thump thump thump!
Look at Frosty go!
Thumpety thump thump thump,
thumpety thump- oh holy crud… The network is never letting us air this.

Hbees answered: Dear Santa, I was going to ask for a new bike, but first won’t you please bring this poor woman some pants…

tipsysips answered: The little waist-stick girl: The heart-warming tale of a woman who gets a spine and a pair of pants through the magic of Christmas!

lucky-lune answered: Strong Female Characters don’t need pants. Or underwear. In the snow.

helpimtrappedontheinternet answered: “The quality of snow these days! How am I supposed to make myself some snowpants with this? I mean, I can’t stand around like this forever!”

iseulttoinjury answered: As Santa looked at the other Salvation Army bellringer, he regretted taking those hallucinogens.

bewareidontcare answered: “Ooooooh I’ll just sit here jerking off the snowma-…Oh crap wrong part of the body…ACT NATURAL.”

kitsune-scribe answered: Mrs. Clause has been replaced by a Skrull. (He’s doing it wrong.)

wincenworks answered: As a strong, empowered woman, Glory is always does what people tell her she can’t. Today someone told her you can’t give a snowman a handjob.

anonamaton answered: She’s on the run from the Yakuza because her parents just sold all of her internal organs to pay off their debts. Problem: No Organs.

littlemercury answered: “…And that’s how I lost my job as the Central Park Santa.”

kallamez answered: I received a charcoal from Santa for being naughty but a pigeon pooped on it

eartofitalia answered: And now we see the rare white-haired glory in it’s natural habitat. Observe how it sheds it wears red and white in an attempt to blend in.

davecity answered: Nobody had seen that kind of coloration or detail before, but Bill still lost the snowman contest. Too unrealistic, the judges said.