genreunsavvy: This annoyed me so much,

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This annoyed me so much, because it’s pretty much just a fetish bondage pinup, parading as an action piece:

My main annoyances:

1) The inhuman contortions. Snake women indeed.

2) No fight. A frikkin’ dragon is about to eat them, and they just stick out their butts and grit their faces. What about trying to escape, reaching for weapons, kicking, anything?

3) No coorporation. I haven’t read the comic, but… they’re friends, right? They aren’t interested in watching each other die, are they?

4) Similarity. They look the same, they do the same. They are visual and personality clones. Real people have very different reactions to stress - and very different ways to fight.

So I, being the subpar artist I am, tried my hands at another version. I varied their body shapes and their strategies. The blue goes for “break the chains with strength”, the red goes for higher ground and feet at dragon head level, the naked one is scared of being eaten, and the green one tries to hold back the dragon. Anatomy/artistic issues aside, it was a ton of fun to do.

As I’m constantly trying to get better, I’d appreciate any feedback from the talented people here :)

I like how they’re struggling and fighting back. :)  I also like that you varied the things they were doing and you tried to make them different in the ways they were struggling (or looking panicked) rather than just “hey a bunch of sexy women, it’s not really important what they’re doing.”