sabsurd: I know you’ve been getting a

sabsurd submitted:

I know you’ve been getting a lot of Jade Warriors lately, but I just found this page to be so ridiculous and laughable, I couldn’t help myself.

First, the gratuitous stripper butt in the first panel. Because we just couldn’t have it be a normal restaurant. Oh no, it had to be a strip club.
Second, Deathkiss suddenly flying in boobs-first in a centaur pose, armed with an obligatory pornface. 

Deodato, you have outdone yourself.

Being punched in the back is so sexy!  Also, despite what we see, I suspect she didn’t break anything and is going to get back up just fine.  The sad part is, the bent in the spine is probably not to show how hurt she is, but to make her seem sexier to us.