doodlemancy: This is Liefelda, who I


This is Liefelda, who I drew a while back for Escher Girls, a blog about women drawn in ridiculous poses and ridiculous clothing in comics. Liefelda is a superheroine whose powers include anti-grav boobs and super rad telekinesis. She can’t really help her appearance; it’s a shapeshifting ability she’s never been able to fully control. (Some days are worse than others. Every now and then she has a bad boob day and wakes up to find them on her back.)

Escher Girls is celebrating its first birthday this week, so here’s a birthday card for a blog that, in sort of a painful way, motivates me to keep drawing and keep improving. Thanks for a year of wincing followed by laughter!

And yes. That is a strapless apron. You’re welcome.

Love this!  Thanks so much!!!  :D