marrowskies: I’ve been wanting to do a


I’ve been wanting to do a redraw for a while now but I felt uncomfortable because there are admittedly large gaps in my knowledge of anatomy, but I have decided to take the plunge.

When I first looked at this picture, I thought it seemed pretty cool with the headdress. I mean it is absurdly impractical but cool and then OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER BODY.

Her boobs are suffering from migration, her muscles are in peculiar confusing places, her waist is rather terrifying, and her posture would no way keep her standing, let alone her calves, which are frighteningly tiny compared to the rest of her. The hand on the left is also really small, but that’s piddlesticks compared to what happened to her.

Now I’ve never found thrusting my chest out at someone to be a particularly strong or intimidating posture, though many superheroines seem to incorporate it into their lives no matter the biology. Maybe she’s frolicking through some landscape with a sword? I actually can’t tell if she’s standing or if she’s walking and though I decided to go for standing, she needs a better pose either way.

I wanted to keep the idea that she was a very muscular woman, which I am guessing is what caused the shoulder/arm-butt, because the artist was attempting to emphasize it and interpreted “lots of muscles” as “draw muscles EVERYWHERE”. She also came out significantly more proportional in my redraw; I didn’t notice at the time, but if you look at the original picture, there’s her head and there’s her body. …. and her body… and her body… Possibly she was interbred with a snake.

With her hand on her hip and her stance strong, she just gives off a more intimidating impression, I would say. Also her sword looks much more ready to lift and strike with, rather than a result of “oh right she has a sword, i should draw that.”

Okay so basically to say I am not the greatest at costume design or clothing design or anything design would be a hell of an understatement, so I have no idea how any of what I drew works, but I did just want to make it more cursorily practical. I actually really dislike boob-cups in armor, and I don’t consider them (even if it’s in an armor that fully covers someone) to be very practical. You just don’t want your boobs to be flying about and placing them inside little metal cups and letting them bounce around in there must hurt quite a bit too. So the armor shows that she does have boobs, but doesn’t give it cups to bounce around in, which is significantly better than what she did have, which was basically a glorified metal coconut bra. I also decided to give her actual boots, instead of what she was wearing, which I think was stockings? I liked the effect of her waist cape enough to keep it in, though god knows what that would get caught in. I guess what I’m trying to say that there’s a difference between “cool but impractical” and “cool but really stupid.”

Original art was found on Escher Girls.

I think she was meant to be walking on the original cover, but I’m not sure because the position of her body is a bit confusing.  Her arms seem like she could be walking, but her legs seem glued together.  Anyway, I like your redraw and what you did with the waist cape. :)