zillydumb: I had some free time, so I

zillydumb submitted:

I had some free time, so I red lined (correct me if the term is wrong ;;) this Black Widow picture from Greg Land. Here’s what I found.

  1. The thighs are so thin! Ow
  2. The hip-leg joint is just, no. Its like one of those wooden manniquins that have the joints BELOW the hips and not in the lower side. 
  3. Hips.
  4. Her suit is… body paint (??) it just wraps around the boobs like paint. Here’s a REAL skin-tight suit wrapping over boobs for you, Land.

Also, I tried the pose, and it hurt a lot (and couldn’t do it with my hips facing foward).


Land seems to really like slimming down the hips and thighs of women he draws/traces.  Since he traces/references from nudes (apparently), it’s not surprising that their outfits always look vacuum sealed.