foervraengd: Oh poor Harley… I’ll

foervraengd submitted:

Oh poor Harley…

I’ll just begin with how the overall body looks like when you roughly trace it:

Now, this drawing can be changed in two different ways, since the scene is supposed to be dynamic and that she’s “apparently” doing a quick movement, it will always be a butt-n-boob-pose.

I like this one the most, because it retain a lot of the original pose, doesn’t break hear spine AND we still get our lovely tit’s n ass. We are capable of turning our torso on some level. And this feels like the most natural one, but still keeps it dynamic.

However, if we really wanna keep the butt in the same pose, we can change the upper body instead. Although that requires some more redrawin’:

Here, her torso is turned the other way, and to keep the pose looking good. I switched the gun to the other hand. However, this pose is not as dynamic as the first one. So here comes the THIRD example:

On this one, the upper body is turned more into profile view. Although this was porrly done by me since I accidentally made the ass appear bigger than supposed. But at least now she has a working spine ;w;

And this is my first redraw btw! Was a fun way to kill time and test your anatomy-knowledge/skills.

That was a lot of fun to read too!  And I love the little things you threw in to each redraw.  WITH THE POWER OF LOVE I FIX YOUR SPINE!