So the famous Benes Artemis vs Wonder

So the famous Benes Artemis vs Wonder Woman cover that’s been redrawn so many times lately on this blog has a Mike Deodato sister cover!

Here’s the Benes cover for those that need a reference (2nd image)

Besides that Deodato seems to have issues with Wondy’s leg whenever it goes behind Artemis, it’s interesting to compare the two.  Artemis is still in a weird position, and I think she’s about to trip on her own hair, but at least she’s actually hitting Wonder Woman here, whose pose is a little more dynamic and she’s actually blocking it.  On the other hand, it still looks pretty screwed up and the legs and bodies are so plasticine-y.

On a second look, Artemis’ top half is EXACTLY THE SAME.  Somebody is tracing somebody.