Lady Nilstria: In the interest of

Lady Nilstria submitted:

In the interest of differing body types, I give you a redraw of a plasticine woman with a mutated, decapitated leg into a slender, but more or less anatomically correct, woman with nicely defined boobs. She has muscles, but they’re leaner. If she was standing upright, her waist in profile would be smaller, but she’s folding, so the muscles are compressing. In short, she’s not as big boned as I usually find myself drawing.

For the record, I cannot draw guns or how the hand looks holding a gun. XP

Also, what in the bloody world is up with the original’s right leg? It’s like the artist forgot about it, went OH CRAP SHE’S MISSING A LEG, and drew it in wherever he wanted. None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

Learn anatomy, people. Please. For all our sakes.

Yet another excellent redraw, Lady Nilstria.  Your version looks way more sensical and awesome, as well as showing her breast, so in fact it’s actually better for people interested in seeing boobs! 

I really suspect that in the original he drew the front leg first, and too high, and realized he had NO PLACE to show her other leg and went “fark” and just did… what we got.