Tumblr ad for Path to Nowhere showing a white haired pale skinned woman with a white strip around her breasts showing underboob, the text says "Path to Nowhere: Torture sexy prisoners and reveal the hidden secrets"

Letter regarding Path to Nowhere

holyhomo asked:

Oh man the ads of path to nowhere are so bad. And I’m saying that as a huge fan of the game! It’s nothing like how these shitty ads portray it to be.

The game is really popular among queer women, because even though it’s a heavily censored game from China, there are a lot of wlw moments even if they can’t out right say it.

Including the character on the ad Ninety-nine! She has a very special *friendship* with another female character.

Anyway my point being the ads are awful because this game actually has some seriously good writing in general including how it writes women. Legit the only gacha game that didn’t make me quit because the women in it are actual well written characters.

Which make the ads even more insulting if you ask me.

Oh that's interesting! Thanks for letting me know more about the game, I like knowing more about what the games are actually like behind the ads. Sometimes they're nothing like what the ads suggest. xD It's good that the game has a lot of wlw moments, disappointing about the way the ads elide that. :(