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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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cover of Unholy: Argent vs Onyx from Boundless Comics of a blonde woman with a white cyber monocle thing over her left eye, she's wearing a purple tight outfit with metal shoulder pads & gauntlets, with holes around her breasts to show her cleavage and a big hole around her butt to shoe her tight purple thong covered butt and crotch, she is in a boobs and butt pose holding a katana in one hand and the sheathe in the other

Boob window and butt window pose

I feel bad for her because she's in the middle of a fight but also stuck in quicksand and having to fight with her back to the enemy and also she's ripped giant holes in her outfit around her butt and boobs and her battle thong is slipping off. 

cover of X-Men vol. 5 #18 with Magik, blonde haired woman with black sleeve gloves and thigh high boots in a black crop top and black booty shorts holding her sword in her right hand as she stands on rocks, her butt facing us and twisted in a boobs and butt pose

Boobs and Butt Magik

That awkward moment when you're late for work but your sword gets stuck and your hand is superglued to your sword.

(Cover of X-Men Vol. 5 #18, Marvel Comics)

promotional screen for King's Raid video game with two brown haired men at the front with swords and armor, behind them are a pink haired girl in a witch hat and robe standing with her back to us and looking over her shoulder, and on the right is a blonde haired girl in a green low cut dress in a boobs and butt pose

Boobs and Butt Spell

 The guys with the swords look scary, but the real threat is the blonde girl casting a boobs and butt spell on you. 

(Promotional art for King's Raid, Vespa Inc.)

promotional splash page for Dohna Dohna with a bunch of anime style girls, a green haired girl is at the front with her breasts barely covered and squeezed upward, bending in a boobs and butt centaur pose, next to her is a pink haired girl with a crop top that barely covers the tops of her breasts leaving underboob jumping up and looking wormy, below her to the right is a white and purple haired girl wearing almost nothing bending over, we see a white cloth between her butt going up her back

Sexy underboob and buttfloss Tetris girls attack!

*movie trailer narrator voice* Adventure into a world where clothing is in short supply, atomic wedgies are everywhere, and sexy living Tetris blocks must bend and twist their way to victory!

(Promotional image for Dohna Dohna, Alice Soft)

start screen for Ceres M with a white haired anime girl in the left corner with wolf ears bending over in a boobs and butt pose, in the centre is an anime girl with long white hair and bunny ears in what would be a boobs and butt shot from under her but some of her dress is in the way

Bunny girl for Easter

Happy Easter!  Have a kind of boobs and butt bunny girl and a boobs and butt wolf girl. >_>  You're welcome.

(Promotional art of Ceres M, NEOUL Entertainment)

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