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Heather Hudson (Vindicator) from Alpha Flight vol 2 #1 rushing into combat with a taffy organless body and her butt checks and boobs vacuum sealed and visible

O Canada, we boobs and butt for thee

And a bonus post-Canada Day um... post... here's Heather Hudson (a.k.a. Vindicator) from Alpha Flight who appears to be melting, probably because as a Canadian she's made of snow and we melt in the summer sun... or something. 

panel of Murmur from Alpha Flight Vol. 2 #1 talking in a bad French Canadian accent with vacuum sealed butt, rubber spine swayback and boobsocks

Zee Canadian Worm Girl for Zee Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!  In lieu of physical celebrations (as we should all be social distancing), here have some Murmur from Marvel’s Canadian super team Alpha Flight! (also oh god the way they wrote out her accent)

(In Order:

Wonder Woman in street clothes (red blouse and grey jeans) in a boobs and butt pose fighting a warrior woman with a boob window in her armor

The real Air BnB

Diana's like "now you've made me mad Boob Window Warrior, and I'm going to unleash the secret Amazonian flying boobs and butt technique on you!" also known as an Air B&B. ba da tisch.  I'll be here all week, folks, try the veal.

profile picture of android 18 statuette with her spine extremely bent in a C shape in a boobs and butt pose with her breasts pushed up and tilted at the camera and her butt encased in skintight painted on jeans

Centaur 18

Maybe this is a representation of what 18 looked like after she was eaten by Cell and presumably melted and mangled in his body >_>