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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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zoom on black haired woman in a red and black top and black skirt in a boobs and butt pose while waving her hands in front of her with pink energy

Divide by two

Apparently Tiger Division doesn't refer to a unit but to Auntie Ante's body being divided up.

(Cover of Tiger Division #2, Marvel Comics)

page from Red Hood Outlaw #49 showing Starfire with her back arched and torso twisted to face her butt side while lifting her back leg, she is wearing just strips of purple on the sides of her breasts to cover nipple

So hot she's melting

Poor Starfire, so hot she's melting like an action figure in the summer under a magnifying glass.

(Panels from Red Hood: Outlaw #49, DC Comics)

promo image of Sumire from Love Live Superstar, blonde anime girl with green eyes in a grey schoolgirl uniform and blue blazer with white thigh high socks standing with one leg up in a boobs and butt pose pointing at the audience viewpoint

Boobs and Butt Galaxy!!!

Thanks to a friend constantly tweeting about it I've now fallen kinda down the Love Live anime rabbit hole.  But also I noticed this boobs and butt pose o her in both promo art and statuette form.  I bet Keke appreciates the view though (I ship them, I

PS1 Pal cover for Gekido: Urban Fighters video game showing all the characters and in the forefront is a blonde woman wearing a purple hat and a longe sleeve blue crop top and her torso showing, her stomach looks like taffy

Taffy Woman strikes again

Local rubber girl unable to expand fast enough to stop villain due to restrictiveness of shirt, news at 11.

zoom of Gekido article of Playstation Magazine vol 35 (July 2000) showing Michelle, the female character drawn with boobsocks saying "I'm the CHICK, so of course that means I'm not too STRONG, but I'm really FAST."

Guaranteed pickup line

From now on this is how I'm going to introduce myself IRL.

(Page from Playstation Magazine coverage of Gekido, PSM issue 35 (July 2000) )