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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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aliza from Granblue fantasy in a boobs and butt pose

Escher Girls Triple Crown AND Boobsocks

She's doing the boobs and butt pose in a vain attempt to get her breasts away from the flame, lest the heat melt away the glue she's clearly dipped her entire shirt in to get it to vacuum mold around her breasts like that.

cover of Chaos! Holiday Special from Dynamite Comics showing a blue skinned woman in a black bikini and red and white striped socks sitting down on a Santa Claus suit wearing guy and a red skinned woman with black hair (Purgatori) in reindeer ears with her back bent 90 degrees to her butt

Out of Season Holiday Tetromino

Submitted by Anon

Ouch.  I think Purgatori has gotten so into her reindeer cosplay she's starting to turn into one.

(Cover of Chaos Holiday Special 2013, Dynamite Comics)

cover of Grimm Fairy Tales 96 with a black haired woman in a silver tiara and black tube top and denim short shorts with black chaps riding a mechanical bull, she has her back arched 90 degrees as she waves behind her

Snakegirls deserve fun too

Submitted by Anon

Snakegirls just want to have fun.

(Cover of Grimm Fairy Tales #97, Zenescope Entertainment)

page from Purgatori Prelude comic showing a black vampire woman transforming from a tiger into a humanoid form, she is bent over with one leg out, toes en pointe,

There's a lot going on here

Submitted by Anon

There is... a lot going on here... from the representation of an African vampire woman being a tribal beast to her pose and everything.  It's a lot.

(Page featuring Kabala from Purgatori Prelude #1, Chaos! Comics)

cover of Witchblade #1 showing Witchblade in a pose where her hip is thrust out at over 90 degrees to her back and her waist is almost non existent

Witchblade and the pocket singularity

Submitted by Anon

I think Sara is currently manifesting a miniature black hole around her stomach and it's in the process of sucking everything into it.

(Cover of Witchblade #1, Top Cow Productions/Image Comics)