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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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ad for "Aura Kingdom" game with the text "Watch your back" and "Play Free" with a CGI blonde anime-style girl with a green beret with her back to us tilting her shoulder but in an extremely twisted pose to show her butt (with her left butt cheek aligned with her right shoulder)

Watch your butt?

hug-all-platelets submitted:

The only thing I can say in this... thing's favor is that at least she's fully protected? Other than that, I don't even know.

panel from Hawk & Dove comic book with a black haired girl with purple front tips on her hair, she is wearing a grey hoodie which conforms to her breasts like socks and hugs her torso which is going down like a long rectangle before suddenly flaring out into hips in an almost L shape

Vacuum sealed worm girl

The legendary cursed hoodie that vacuum sealed onto you and turns you into a worm with boobsocks. 

(Panel from Hawk & Dove #7, DC Comics)

cover of Robyn Hood Hellfire 1 with Robyn (blonde haired girl with pale skin in a green hood and halter top and tight pants) standing in a boobs and butt pose holding a bow

The boobs and butt (and bow) pose

She's stealing boobs and butt poses from the rich and redistributing them to the poor. 

(Cover of Robyn Hood: Hellfire #1, Zenescope Entertainment)

ad for Shadow Knight with 3 shadow people fighting enemies, the female character is shooting guns with her back bent at 90 degrees with her breasts thrusted out

Killed by a Tetris block

Either the kickback from her gun was so powerful it shaped her into a Tetris block or she's a half-centaur hybrid assassin.

(Ad for Shadow Knight, Fansipan Limited)

promotional image for Dragon Awaken with a blonde white woman in a blue bikini and standing in an extreme boobs and butt pose with a purple haired woman with cat ears and purple wings next to her

Hey this looks familiar...

Submitted by anon

So apparently the girl from Legacy of Queens' menu gets around because she's also in Dragon Awaken's summer event.  Is somebody "borrowing" art from somebody else or...?