We're baaaackk!!!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to write a post saying, welcome to the new site!  I know it's been back for a while but I've been really busy with other stuff since the move, and I need to learn how to make and schedule new posts under the new site, but now I have so the first new content is scheduled for this afternoon and then Escher Girls should be posting daily like it used to be!  I'm really sorry for how long it's taken, but I really appreciate all the help and support to move off Tumblr!  Next week, I'll be posting the caption contest winners and giving out the prizes hopefully :3

We also just finished importing the Disqus comments from the Tumblr site, so if you've made comments in the past they should now be visible on the new site!

Also, there's a small original Escher Girls comic coming that features our new mascots, Esme and Cherry, created by Nicky Trashfox!  So I hope everybody enjoys that too!  Hopefully the comic becomes a regular thing and it'll help add even more to the site!

We're also going to continue improving the site, and a fully illustrated glossary of terms should be coming too!

Again thank you so much for everybody's support on Patreon it helps us (me, Tess, our coder, and Nicky, our artist) continue to maintain and improve the site and create new content for the future! :D  (also Patron rewards should be coming soon too!)